What is BitiCodes software, and why use it for your cryptocurrency trading?

If you are into crypto investment and trading, you may already know the perks of using automated trading software. One of the latest on the market is Biticodes ATS which, according to many testimonials and reviews, is an excellent choice for every crypto trader. Let’s see what it offers.

What is BitiCodes software?

BitiCodes is a crypto trading robot helping traders to achieve up to 60% of daily profits from crypto trading. It’s a platform that only charges a small commission while offering a demo mode so traders can check if it is the right fit for them before investing real money. You can find out everything in detail regarding usage conditions if you check BitiCodes review.

BitiCodes is designed for trading cryptocurrencies. It has a 90% win rate, which is higher than human trading since it is based on an algorithm supported by AI. The platform was developed in 2017.

Why is Biticodes software profitable?

  • Highly precise software

Online crypto trading is often inherently unpredictable. BitiCodes were created to decrease the harshness of the crypto trading process. According to the creators and user reviews, the platform can drive and recognize successful price actions, which is evident thanks to the results collected.

  • Speed of trading orders

Unlike Humans, Bitcoin bots never get exhausted from working. Moreover, their response time is quite short. When the trade criteria have been met, orders are sent right away, including protective stop losses and loss protection, to make sure the deal is successful. The platform has a very intuitive trading algorithm, according to the platform’s official website. You can access this application via your desktop or laptop computer.

Possible Risks when Trading with BitiCodes

BitiCodes, like other trading robots, have fantastic profit potential. But it also comes with significant risk. Always be aware that risk is associated with using leverage, which is one of the considerations you should consider before trading with this bot. Profitability on BitiCodes depends on various factors, for example, the amount of money spent, the amount of risk taken on each transaction, and the market volatility.

Don’t forget to test your trading performance using a demo account before pacing the real trading orders. Besides, a demo lets you see if this trading software matches your needs and expectations regarding user friendliness and other important factors that may impact your trades.

In which countries are BitiCodes located?

BitiCodes United States: BitiCodes, like almost all credible bitcoin robots, work in the US. You can quickly register to start trading on the platform’s official website.

BitiCodes UK: BitiCodes services are also accessible to UK traders. If you want to access these services, it is necessary to open an account on the trading platform. To get started, you only need an investment of $250.

BitiCodes Canada: This platform is also available in Canada. It’s quite straightforward to get started with BitiCodes Canada. Once your trading account has been created, deposit $250 to start trading your preferred cryptos.

BitiCodes Australia: As for the countries mentioned above, BitiCodes Australia enables quick registration and use of the platform.